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Ok but could be better

It would be awesome if we could use these sound bytes as ringtones or alert sounds. As well as being able to iMessage them like emojis or gifs


Can't even hear the sounds

Does not work

I cannot hear any sound. The app opens and the phrase highlights but no sound.

Love it!!

A Great app from A Great man 🔥🔥 49-1.


You'll do noooootin

Great but needs more...

This app is great but I would like them to do an update for all the Mayweather things for example "FOOK DA MAYWEDDERS"

Good Try

The emotion is missing from the moments of the quotes. However you can make up for it by letting me use my favorites for calls/texts hahaha

Can't share sound bites


Not quite

It's doesn't really sound like Conor. It's sounds real close which makes it worse.

love it

great app

Foookin great!

Make sure you silent switch isn't turned on!

Doesn't work

App doesn't work - just shows a picture

Doesn't work

Crap app. Jokes on you as they count the dollars if you buy it like I did

No sound

There are no sounds for any of the phrases , hope it's an easy fix.

Doesn't work

Nice idea but not working

Iam boxing


Also does not work for me

I'm sure with an update it will be awesome

Real ting is missing

Well I appreciate the voice overs but i definitely would not have minded sound bites from the real thing even with backnoise...

The best app EVER!

Enough said. It's Connor talkin smack and the truth all day long.... wish I could make one these quotes my text tone lol


It's not Conor's voice. It's an impersonation of him. I want my money back (for principle purposes).

It doesn't work

What the heck man? It doesn't work. I pressed the comment or hear what he says and it nothing or can't hear it.

No sound

No sound coming out on iPhone.

Not worth it

It's like when you buy the bad ringtone remix or parody. It's just cringeworthy and isn't worth buying. That's what this app is.

Doesn't Sound Much Like Him

Doesn't sound too much like him. Not the best soundboard.

Need System Sounds

Great quality sounds, but no way to export or use as system sounds. I don't see much use in just pressing buttons to hear Conor talk. Would like to be able to use them to send to people and include as system sounds.


Connor McGregor is a legend. this is the greatest app in the App Store. Mayweather stinks !

Nonnegotiable Notorious Conor McGregor

I may not always have the best come back's or one liners but now that I have Connor McGregor in my corner nothing is impossible!!!

Fantastic App

Is that humor funny? Rather is it beneficial, do you appreciate my humor being perceptive and emotionless. Its simply looking at something from a different perspective. all things are open to judgement on this earth, nothing is safe from the crippling spear that is perception of truth. My humor points out the ridiculous nature of what many perceive to be normal. When the roots of what one perceives to be normal are ripped qout, the laughability of our engrained habits are revealed.

Funny, but 99¢?

It's a funny app, and I bought it because I'm a fan, but it isn't worth 99¢


Doesn't sound like mcgregor and doesn't say Fook the mayweathers

This is lit

biggest fan, can't wait to see you bounce that head off the canvas august 26th ahaha hopefully I can find a way to watch it cuz I ain't got 100$ but I will definitely find a way, this app is bomb too

The best Fookin' app in town

It's big japes here and I gotta let you know, well worth the 99 fookin' cents!


Worth the money, hell it should be more. I am definitely going to use this after the fight when he wins to all the haters that doubted the man, the myth, the legend CONNOR MCGREGOR

Not as cool as I thought it would be

The phrases seem to be recorded in a studio. They lack the emotion and excitement of when he originally said them. But still cool... it would be nice to have a 'fook' in there and also a 'ting' (thing)


Doesn't work for text messaging.

Great app for .99

Would love more quotes, but for now I'm gonna use these to tell my coworkers how I'm feeling

Can't use for messages

All you can do is listen to them

Fook Floyd

Add some from the Floyd interviews

We not here to take part


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